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Who are we?

The Daniel Owen Centre is a charitable organisation know officially as The Daniel Owen Community Association. We are proud to be a registered charity and to serve the local area. We rely heavily on donations and goodwill, and thanks to a lot of people locally we open for business on a daily business. 

The centre itself is managed by former town councillor and town mayor Karen Hodgkinson. Karen oversee's the general day to day business. 

Alongside Karen is Sarah Matthias Assistant Manager. Sarah can be found working on a Wednesday and Friday each week. 

The staff are Zoe Harvey who most people will see serving the cafe. The cooks are Ellie Scott and Sue. Sue works on a Friday and Saturday. 

The Daniel Owen Centre has a board of trustees who work tirelessly behind the scenes to move the centre towards a bright and prosperous future. These members are:

Mrs Stephanie Scott (Chairwoman)

Mr John Scott

Mr Trefor Jones

Mr Greg Pritchard

Mr Pedr Roberts

Mrs Ann Street

Mr Chris Bithell

Miss Teresa Carberry

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