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Cafe refurb!!!!!!!!!

From Monday 12th June to Friday 16th June, The Cafe will be going through a little Face Lift!

The Centre will be open to User groups as normal.

Thank you all for your continued support as we couldn't do this without our amazing users

We are having a new serving counter, Barrista machine will be on the other side of the counter.

The next faze after this will be to cover the Red chairs and replace the Tables and Chairs, new Blinds, table covers, Coffee Bar and much more.

We will continue to apply for funding for future refurbishments and also any donations that come in.

We have many Raffles and Fundraising throughout the year so we are always on the lookout for Raffle prizes, so if you have anything that can be used that would be very helpful

If you would like more information on any future developments please call in.

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